If you are not happy with your buttocks appearance and desire a more curvy figure, you have come to the right place. Belgravia Medical Centre offers a variety of cosmetic procedures that enhance your look and boost your self-confidence.

Like the rest of the body, the buttocks change over time. With significant weight loss and aging, they can lose volume and tone and become flat and loose, creating an aged appearance. Belgravia Medical Centre and Dr. Lemonas’ expertise ensure that you will beat time and have youthful and attractive buttocks that will render you the envy of the beach!

Types of buttock enhancement

Belgravia Plastic & Orthopedic Medical Centre’s team of experienced Plastic Surgeons, led by Charalambos Lemonas M.D., has performed many buttock enhancement procedures on patients from Cyprus and abroad. They offer you the opportunity to reverse the effects of aging with three types of operations.

Buttocks Lift
A Buttocks Lift surgery can help you look young and beautiful by rejuvenating the position, volume and contour of your buttocks. As a result, your buttock area will look smoother and more toned and any discomfort caused by excess skin will be alleviated, not to mention the self-confidence boost your newly acquired charms will generate.

Brazilian Butt Lift
Brazilian Butt Lift is an increasingly popular procedure. It not only enhances your buttocks using your own fat tissue but also removes extra fat from other parts of your body.
Dr. Lemonas will perform a comprehensive liposuction that will remove fat from parts of your body and then process it and graft it into portions of your buttocks. This way, your buttocks will acquire volume and improved roundness, shape and projection. The butt lift will be achieved by adding more volume to the upper part of the butt. Another benefit of the procedure is the creation of a beautiful hourglass figure by taking away your love handles.
The technique is individualized and fully tailored to your needs and wishes.

Buttock Augmentation with Implants
The buttock can be augmented with a silicone implant to improve shape, volume and projection. These implants are placed through an incision within the gluteal cleft. The procedure typically is done under IV sedation or general anesthesia. Like all procedures that use implants, problems can develop with implant infection and changes in implant position. Because of the use of standardized implants, buttock augmentation with implants cannot be precisely tailored for each individual.
Alternatives to buttock implants, such as the Brazilian Butt Lift, use one's own fat to contour and shape the buttocks is a more precise manner and avoid the use of an artificial implant.

Before Buttock Enhancement

In Belgravia Medical Centre we believe in transparency and take your health seriously.

During your initial consultation, our team of plastic surgeons describes in detail and discusses in length the buttock enhancement procedure with you. We listen to your preferences, evaluate them and ensure that your wishes are compatible with your lifestyle and medical history. It goes without saying that during initial consultation our team of experts will answer every question you might have.

Initial consultation includes topics such as discussion on your desires and expectations, medical conditions and allergies, use of medication, alcohol and tobacco and previous surgeries.

Afterwards, your personal plastic surgeon will evaluate your general health status, discuss the options available to you and the likely outcomes, examine and measure your face and show you before and after photographs of past patients who have undergone the same surgery as the one you want. This way we ensure that you have a complete understanding of the results you will attain.

After the procedure

You are not taking your journey to self confidence, youth and beauty alone. Dr. Lemonas and his team support you 100% before, during and after your procedure. Your preoperative visit takes place one week before surgery and during it we will provide you a handout with specific instructions to follow after the operation. These include postoperative care at home and prescriptions for medications.

The time it takes to recover depends on the procedure and varies between individuals. Patients are asked not to sit for longer than 20 minutes and to sleep on the belly for seven days. After this time period, normal sitting and sleeping positions can be resumed. You will be able to return to work comfortably within 7-10 days and return to exercise as soon as you feel comfortable.

It goes without saying that we design a schedule of follow up appointments to closely monitor your progress and make your recovery fast and easy.

Talk to the Doctor

If you would like more information on this procedure or you want to schedule a no obligation consultation appointment, the team of Belgravia Medical Centre will be happy to help you. Dr. Lemonas is always eager to ensure that all your questions will be answered and all your concerns addressed.
Your path to natural beauty begins here!