Belgravia Medical Centre offers you a wide variety of procedures that rejuvenate the vaginal area. As a Vaginoplasty and Colpoplasty expert, Dr. Charalambos Lemonas can improve your vagina’s appearance and increase the pleasure of intercourse.

Namely, we undertake procedures such as vaginal lip (labia minora) reduction, vaginal external lip (labia majora) reduction or tightening, clitoral reduction, clitoral enlargement, vaginal canal tightening and G-spot amplification.


This is an operation that reduces and tightens large vaginal lips. Many women choose it due to the fact that larger than usual vaginal lips interfere with intercourse and cause pain (dyspareunia). Moreover, it is the ideal way to improve your look when you wear small items of clothing such as bikinis. Smaller labia majora (external vaginal lips that are flat with the pubis) are associated with a younger look and Dr. Lemonas is the right person to help you beat time and look younger!


Due to aging and especially during and after menopause, most women experience a major change in the feel of their genitalia as the vaginal walls relax and lose their elasticity just like the skin of the face and other areas of the body. These changes affect enjoyment during intercourse because vaginal space and tightening are directly related to sexual pleasure.

Dr. Lemonas has the solution! An expeditious procedure with a quick recovery enables you to increase your sexual pleasure.
Do not let time interfere with your satisfaction!

Clitoral reduction

When it comes to the appearance of a woman’s clitoris, only minor and minimally invasive alterations are needed to make a world of difference. Sometimes the clitoris can appear enlarged due to excess or redundant tissue of the clitoral hood.

The solitary function of the clitoris is to induce sexual pleasure. As the female equivalent to a man’s penis, the clitoris is covered by a hood (which is similar to a man’s foreskin). Occasionally this hood or tissue covering can be large, redundant and cause inability to achieve stimulation to the clitoris. The redundant tissue can also be uncomfortable while wearing a bathing suit or tight fitting clothing.

Clitoral enlargement

The exact opposite of clitoral reduction, clitoral enlargement is ideal for women who are self-conscious about lack of clitoral prominence. What is more, having a small clitoral glans or a larger distance between the internal part of the clitoris and the vaginal canal could also cause difficulties in reaching the physical excitation needed to get an orgasm.The enlargement of your clitoris will increase the chance of orgasm and overall sexual pleasure.

Dr. Lemonas has a vast experience in clitoral enlargement procedures and will offer you a treatment tailored to your needs and desires.

G-spot amplification

Many women choose the G-spot amplification procedure in order to enhance their sexual experience. Your G-spot will be enlarged and as a result it will be easier for you and your partner to locate it. Dr. Lemonas performs it in a fast, painless and effective fashion..

Enjoying sexual intercourse makes you feel better, reliefs you from stress and ameliorates your health. Improve your sex life, be happy with your body and reap the benefits!

Anal bleaching

Anal bleaching is the process of lightening the colour of the skin around the anus and results in making the colour of it equable with the surrounding area.

More and more women are choosing this procedure, as lightening the anal area makes them feel cleaner, sexier and more confident during intercourse. With your confidence, pleasure and safety as its priorities, Belgravia Medical Centre offers you this extra beauty boost and makes you to feel like a celebrity!

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