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  1. Breast implants cause breast cancer.
    False! The information we have up to date does not support such claim. Next year the breast augmentation operation will celebrate its 50th birthday. If breast implants caused cancer, we would know by now. There has been a recent report that a type of lymphoma was found in the capsule surrounding breast implants in some women with prior breast augmentation. This does not mean that with those people the lymphoma was associated with the presence of the breast implants. More investigation is being undertaken to investigate this issue. Apart for this very recent report, there has never been up to date any proof associating silicone gel or saline-filled breast implants with any cancer in the body. There is simply no cause and effect relationship between breast implants and cancer of any time. A typical cause and effect relationship is that which exists between smoking and lung cancer.
  2. You cannot breast feed after you have a breast augmentation.
    False! You can, especially if the operation is done taking that patient concern into account. If the surgical incision and approach is under the breast in the inframammary fold and the implant is placed sub muscularly then there typically may t be any problem with future breastfeeding and nipple sensation.
  3. I loose breast sensation if I get a breast augmentation
    False! If the breast augmentation is done via an inframammary approach (a small incision about an inch and a quarter underneath the breast fold) then on the contrary women’s breast and nipple sensitivity is heightened. Most enjoy that as an added bonus of the surgery.
  4. You need an implant to lift the breasts for a breast lift.
    False! The breast lift operation (mastopexy, mastoplasty) has the ability to reshape and mold the breasts giving them a youthful perky look. The whole skill is in the surgical technique of molding. A well-trained plastic surgeon can do that without the need to rely on an implant. Some people do not want implants in their bodies and we must respect that.
  5. You cannot get pregnant after a tummy tuck
    False! You can. A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty operation does not preclude any future pregnancy.
  6. When you get liposuction the fat goes elsewhere.
    Not true! This is the most common myth. Our bodies have a constant number of fat cells from the time we are 5-6 years old. The number stays stable during your entire life. This means that as we age and gain more weight these fat cells do not grow in number but they may grow in volume. Similarly, when we lose weight at any time during our life our fat cells also remain stable in number but get reduced in volume.
    Liposuction works so well because it reduces the actual number of fat cells in certain areas of the body permanently. It can change, therefore, body anatomy forever. It does not however change how the body thinks, behaves and acts biologically. So if we have some problematic fat areas this means that our bodies deposit fat in those areas first when we gain weight and the body removes fat from those areas with much more difficulty when we lose weight. For example, lets say that a woman’s problem area is her thighs and she gets liposuction to correct the problem. If this woman gains weight at some point in time following her operation, her body will still enlarge those remaining fat cells in the area she did liposuction. The weight increase there will not be as prominent though because by liposuction we have reduced the number of fat cells there. Those remaining fat cells have a limited capacity to how larger they may get. However those problem thigh areas even if they enlarge due to extra weight, they will still retain their new shape acquired due to the liposuction procedure because we have reduced the actual number of fat cells there and we have sculpted the body. The rest of her body will also get bigger if there is weight gain. The enlargement of the other areas of her body will be more noticeable compared to her thighs. That’s why people think that the fat goes elsewhere. It does not. It is just an illusion and that only occurs of a person occurs extra, additional weight. It actually entails eating much more than a person did prior to them having this procedure. Most people do not gain weight after such a procedure. This procedure is so empowering and stimulates people to take better care of themselves physically and spiritually.
    The merit of liposuction is that it reduces the number of fat cells in difficult areas and sculpts the body. This result is long lasting. The changes of pregnancy do not ruin it. Liposuction should not be viewed as a way to lose weight with ease. It should be viewed as a way to sculpt and improve body figure and image. If a person following liposuction gains weight he/she will gain weight in the exactly the same way he/she would do prior to liposuction. The weight gain in that case will not be as noticeable in the area of liposuction and thus will be more noticeable in other areas of the body.
  7. Liposuction loosens the skin.
    Not true! The opposite is true. Liposuction properly performed will tighten the overlaying skin. However, if liposuction is not done carefully it can loosen the skin due to the surgeon removing too much fat from under it. Liposuction is both skill and art. Knowing how much fat exactly to remove and from what areas of the body is what determines a beautiful outcome.
  8. Newer liposuction methods such as laser liposuction, Ultrasound liposuction, and Radio-frequency liposuction are better than more traditional methods.
    Not True! Beware of marketing and sales techniques. These claims have not been scientifically proven and most plastic surgeons do not find them accurate. There is nothing that up to this day will and can replace the time tested traditional methods of liposuction completely. These newer modalities may serve as adjuncts but not as replacements.
  9. Only an implant can give me a lift or augment my buttock.
    False! Traditionally silicone based implants are used to augment that area of the body and it is still used today, however newer and well-developed techniques such as buttock lift by the use of specialized threats or the “Brazilian Technique” which offers both a lift and increased volume to your buttock area by transferring fat taken from other areas of the body.
  10. Threads can give me a face-lift.
    Not All Threads! There have been many different threats that have flooded the market in the past decade. However, not all are built to do the same thing. The therapy should match the needs you have so when your practitioner advises you for a treatment using threats make sure that the ones used are for your needs and not for something completely different. For example, if you are requesting a lift, your plastic surgeon should use facial lift methods instead of the skin rejuvenation ones.

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