If you feel that your calf muscles are not attractive and proportional enough, calf implants are the ideal solution for you, as they enhance the overall appearance of your legs.

With the use of calf implants, Dr. Lemonas will add bulk and definition to your calf muscles, dramatically improving the appearance not only of your lower legs but of your entire body as well.

Calf implants (also known as gastrocnemius implants), give you an athletic look even if you suffer from muscle imbalance or physical defects. Don’t you think it’s time to look better and boost our self-confidence with more developed looking muscles?




A calf implants cosmetic procedure is ideal for anyone who:

  • Want to emphasize the bulk of their calf muscle
  • Desire a lower leg more anatomically proportionate to their thigh
  • Are not satisfied with the definition of their lower leg
  • Wish to correct lower leg defects resulting from injury, disease or birth conditions



In Belgravia Medical Centre we believe in transparency and take your health seriously.

During your initial consultation, our team of plastic surgeons describes in detail and discusses in length the calf implants cosmetic procedure with you. We listen to your preferences, evaluate them and ensure that your wishes are compatible with your lifestyle and medical history. It goes without saying that during initial consultation our team of experts will answer every question you might have.

Initial consultation includes topics such as discussion on your desires and expectations, medical conditions and allergies, use of medication, alcohol and tobacco and previous surgeries.

Afterwards, your personal plastic surgeon will evaluate your general health status, discuss the options available to you and the likely outcomes, examine and measure your body and show you before and after photographs of past patients who have undergone the same surgery as the one you want. This way we ensure that you have a complete understanding of the results you will attain.




You are not taking your journey to self confidence, youth and beauty alone. Dr. Lemonas and his team support you 100% before, during and after your procedure. Your preoperative visit takes place one week before surgery and during it we will provide you a handout with specific instructions to follow after the operation. These include postoperative care at home and prescriptions for medications.

Calf augmentation is a generally performed as an outpatient procedure that requires about an hour to complete. Although normal activities can be resumed a few days after surgery, vigorous physical activities should be delayed for about six months. Calf augmentation is often performed in conjunction with liposuction of the ankle and leg to create a thinner and more defined look.

It goes without saying that we design a schedule of follow up appointments to closely monitor your progress and make your recovery fast and easy.




If you would like more information on this procedure or you want to schedule a no obligation consultation appointment, the team of Belgravia Medical Centre will be happy to help you. Dr. Lemonas is always eager to ensure that all your questions will be answered and all your concerns addressed.
Your path to natural beauty begins here!